Yale University is a college the most of Thousand Oaks residents go to. This Yale Universersity, unlike the real Yale U., is ficticiously in another part of the world besides the real life location.


  1. Romeo and Juliet Ball - Valentine's Day social gathering that is traditionally a romantic themed ball.
  2. Saint Patricks Luck of the Irish Block Party - St. Patrick's Day event that last all day that has Irish food and customary themed activity events. The color green, black, gold, and symbols of rainbows from clouds into gold filled pots with a half pint size Leprpchaun elf beside it.
  3. Easter Sunday - Varies from year to year but this Religous related event is spread the word of Faith towards others.
  4. Jersey Devil Hunt - The Jersey Devil Hunt is the October that started when the university was first opened.
  5. Yule Ball - Around Christmas and/or New Year's,

Notable AlumniEdit

  1. Charleston family
  2. Corinthos family
  3. Crosby family
  4. Lewis family
  5. Livingston family
  6. Schmidt family

See alsoEdit

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