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Season 2
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Aired from September 2014 or September 2015
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The Sunset Beach Boulevard: Season Two is the forthcoming season of Sunset Beach Boulevard on an online media outlet called podcast. It is currently in writing production for its second season as of May 2012[1][2]


Officially picked up as a podcast[3] and it is scheduled as planned for September 2012 release[4] on a weekday schedule with the season finale tentatively scheduled for August 2013[5]. Rumor has it that the finale is being pushed back to September 2013 air-date[6]. It was announced on March 1, 2012 that the series will indeed debut on Talk Shoe on April 2, 2012[7] The show slowly garnered some followers on non record episodes and the official episodes will be placed after major editing from the production team. The season finale will be aired on Friday before 2013 Labor Day Monday with Season two will begin airing on 2013 Labor Day Monday with the season two finale in August and/or September 2014 date.

Series OverviewEdit

In this season, we will find out more about the families and be introduced to some new ones. Also, we will find out the truth of the families since last season.


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