The Sunset Beach Boulevard Live on Skype, or simply Sunset Beach Boulevard Live, is an interactive show on a Voice Over IP (VoIP) program called Skype. The creator, Sundogs, will be taking questions and comments to make the show better. This has been a stable since June 16, 2012 as a tool to get the hype about the show via Talk Shoe site and the blog as well. The series may be altered since the show has little to no outside knowledge of listener base. Sunset Beach Boulevard Live on Skype is an interesting way to get to know more about the show and the characters as well as the voice actors/actresses. The show is live from ten o'clock in the evening eastern time on weekday nights and twice on weekend days with the show at scheduled time at 10 PM ET and 10 AM ET in the morning respectively. These shows are getting feed back from the viewers and to alter the landscape of the series.