Sunset Beach Boulevard on WEbook is a collaborative writing project on a collaborative writing social networking site called WEbook, pronounced as we book, and currently has five editors. This project is the forerunner to the Sunset Beach Boulevard podcast that was started airing on April 2, 2012 on Talk Shoe. The length of each chapter varies from chapter to chapter and is the creation of Sundogs, who's the project leader, and is maintained regularly since project was created on September 14, 2008; after it was officially called Sunset Beach Boulevard. The project occassionally goes public for public critique and when there is sifficiant amount of critiques, the project defaults back to contribution by members via closed contribution. While in closed contribution, the editors will edit and rework the story with the critiques per chapter that is written. Currently, the project is still in initial phase of writing; thus, there have not been a public critique phase since inception.