The Stock Market is the most watched stock market in the world. The major company that is listed on the composite is the Schmidt Holdings LLC (stock symbol SDTH). The second largest is the Livingston Enterprises, ticker symbol LVNE, and the Crosby family shares or Crosby Real Estate Holdings (or CREH). All three are the top three stocks that are traded heavily on day trading. The other "notable" stocks is the Yule Universaty Trust Fund (YUTF) and the Thousand Oaks Community Parks Service (TOCS) are usually up in the high figures.

List of Companies on the Stock MarketEdit

This list as of July 1, 2012 is new and incomplete. This list shows the companies that are on the Nastional Stock Market or NTSM, and the list may change over time. Please keep in mind that the initial public offering (IPO) is in 2012 values and the high and low points of the stock are mentioned. The list does include the mutural funds, Certificate of Deposits, Treasury Bills, and Commodities like Gold/Silver/Gas/Trust Funds.

Company ListEdit

  1. Crosby Real Estate Holdings (CREH)
  2. Livingston Enterprises (LVNE)
  3. Schmidt Holdings LLC (SDTH)