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Romeo and Juliet Ball is a Valentine's Day gathering in Thousand Oaks and has been main attraction of Yale University every year around or on February 14. Every year, the families of Thousand Oaks comes together to have a major pow-wow event to rekindle the relationships. This is commonly the romance party of the year, besides New Year's Eve, the Romeo and Juliet Ball is the make a relationship blossom or break up.


The history of the Romeo and Juliet Ball is some what clouded at best. With the details of the event is that it is around or on February 14th and major love action happenings (like the marriage proposal of the Livingstons or the Crosbys) and one fashion or another, always happens, there would be major conflicts of interest between the families. In one years event marked by a suprise birth of the Livingston family; when Mary went into labor, actually the day before, and had Martin Livingston on Valentine's Day.

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