The 2010 Presidential Elections were held in November 2010 and the Democratic Party won the top honor when Barrack Obama was president-elect by mid evening reports. This is noteworthy due to the large percentage of voters had voted for Obama overwhelmingly. In other news, Martin Livingston was mayor-elect for Thousand Oaks while John Schmidt nervously awaits the outcome of the County Commission District 1 race who he was facing the a relatively newcomer to the political world.


The history of the 2008 Presidential Elections in the United States has been marked by the first Afro-American President to the United States. Also in the 2008 Presidential Elecitons, people of Thousand Oaks are voting for a Senator and City Commission seats as well. John Schmidt was named Senator-elect and while Martin Livinigston awaits nervously late in the over night hours to learn his fate.