2008 is the year that Sunset Beach Boulevard was created and the first year of work on the series.


  1. January 2 - Is the actual creation day of the unknown project that is officially known on August 25 of the same year that the unknown project got its name the Sunset Beach Boulevard.
  2. August 25 - Created the series.[1]
  3. September 14 - Explorers Day was first observed.



Holidays and observancesEdit


  1. 2012-02-29. Site administration. The Sunset Beach Boulevard was actully was created on January 2, 2008 but was officially recognized on August 25 of the same year for the dooning of the name Sunset Beach Boulevard. On September 14, 2008, the first Explorers Day, was the first day of actual production of the projects besides creating families, events, traditions, and so forth.